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Perlite Removal

Removal of Perlite from cryogenic tanks will require access into the storage tank from both the nozzles located around the tank walls, located normally about 1 metre up, and also access through the manway which is located on the domed roof.

Special procedures are required to control access inside the tank, as this will also require the special skills of rope-access qualified labour.

Access into a tank via the manway can only be carried out once the space between the inner and outer tank has been fully purged and free of all flammable gasses.

This specialist service is normally only required as part of the decommissioning process for bulk storage,  cryogenic tanks.

The decommissioning of bulk storage tanks also presents the added issue of the ensuring the large quantities of unwanted Perlite are disposed of in a safe, controlled and environmentally friendly manner.

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