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Cold Box Refills

Following rectification work on in-service cold boxes, or as part of the preparation of a newly installed cold box, prior to putting into service, there will be a requirement for it to be filled with Perlite for insulation.

Perlite Management Services Ltd. can fill a cold box within a matter of days, depending on the dimensions of the unit.

It is not always necessary to expand the Perlite on site. This can be delivered to site in the expanded form, ready for installation.


Again, depending on the size of the cold box, the installation of the Perlite can be carried out either manually or utilising pneumatic / vacuum powered equipment.

This process can also be employed for topping up of a cold box which exhibits signs of development of voids. This will cause cold spots to be exhibited on the outside wall of the cold box. These voids will normally develop around the top of the walls, as the constant vibrations of the internal pipework cause gradual compaction of the Perlite granules.

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